Facebook Data Plots March Madness Fandom

For transparency’s sake, I’m the biggest hater of March Madness in our office. Jacky forced everyone here to fill out brackets. As expected, I’m second to last. I picked Miami as the big winner because I was sure LeBron James is on that team — enough said.

All that aside, I found this nifty infographic done by Deadspin. More than one million US Facebook users have liked a page for a team attending the conference. Facebook took this data along with user location info and plotted out a county-by-county map. This map demonstrates which teams are most loved in certain areas.

Michael Bailey, an economist on the Data Science team, broke it down even further. He drilled down into the data to extrapolate conference, tournament region, and seed favorites. He even created maps that represent some of the hottest rivalries; like Duke and North Carolina, Michigan and Michigan State, and Kansas and Kansas State. You can read more about his analysis here.

Although I’m not too into basketball, I love some infographics. I just wish I had this prior to filling out my brackets.

Facebook’s March Madness Fandom Map

Facebook's March Madness Map