Facebook Contest

Is a Facebook Contest Right for My Business?

Why Have a Facebook Contest?

Facebook is a great place for your brand to communicate with fans. Not only is it a free communication tool, but Facebook also serves as a database of consumers who are interested — or already brand loyal — and want to hear what you has to say. In addition, Facebook also provides free demographic information, allowing you to better understand who that audience is.

So, how best to capitalize on that information? A Facebook contest is a great way to boost the number of fans your brand has. You get a captivated audience that has opted in to receive the brand’s messaging, and at the same time will be providing a reason for fans to interact with your brand rather than just listen.

Tips for a Successful Facebook Contest

A Facebook contest must follow some simple, yet very important, rules in order to be successful. Keep these ideas in mind when developing yours:

  • Determine the type of contest that will help reach your objectives
  • Keep the contest simple
  • Pick an appropriate prize for your audience and your brand
  • Promote the contest appropriately to your audience
  • Follow local/state/federal or international laws and clearly state the rules and regulations
  • Distribute the prize quickly (do what you promise)
  • Continue to engage your audience after the contest ends

Creative Examples of Facebook Contests

The “Whopper Sacrifice”

In 2009 Burger King created a Facebook app called the “Whopper Sacrifice.” If a participant deleted 10 friends via the app, they earned a coupon for a free Whopper. Typically when you delete a friend they are not notified, but the “Whopper Sacrifice” app sent them a message in their news feed letting them know “Jacky sacrificed John Smith for a free Whopper!” You can imagine how quickly this went viral, showing in 10 people’s news feeds each time a coupon was awarded. However, due to privacy rights being violated, it was taken down just as quickly.


Canlis Menu Hunt

Canlis, a fine dining restaurant in the Seattle area, celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2010. They created a “menu hunt,” where a menu from 1950 was signed by one of the owners and hidden in the Seattle area every day for more than two months. A photo clue was posted to Facebook each day as a hint to the menu’s whereabouts. Hunters who found the menu first each day were awarded dinner for two at 1950’s prices (think a filet for less than $4 vs. today’s $48). This was such a unique contest, kept tying back in to the 60th anniversary to promote the brand and kept Facebook fans engaged for more than two months!