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Sephora Digital Marketing: Taking Your Retail Digital

sephora1The cosmetic retailer Sephora has been a leader in the digital game since launching their website back in 1999. Always ahead of the times, they are continuously pioneering new strategies.

Their current marketing strategy marries the online and in-store experiences and promotes brand engagement via social, mobile and web. Digital technology in their brick-and-mortar outposts takes things one-step further, solidifying the consumer experience.

Here are some of the digital strategies Sephora is using.

  • Beauty Insider – Sephora’s customer loyalty program
    • Engages Insiders with email marketing, SMS and old-fashioned direct mail.
    • Provides rewards and personalized product recommendations via website and applications.
    • Allows people to use the program between channels – links to in-store purchases, emails and apps.
  • image002(3)Sephora iPad application
    • Geared to at-home education.
    • Includes a multimedia digital catalog virtual mirror, video tutorials and articles on the latest trends (with links to purchase “trending” products).
  • Mobile application
    • Designed for in-store or on the go.
    • In the store, users can scan barcodes to pull up ratings and reviews on product.
    • On the go, you can experience “inspired shopping” with product finders and advanced search tools.
  • Social media
    • Engage consumers via a presence on Pinterest (and all products on their website have “pin-it” buttons), Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • sephora_iPad_mirror_appIn-Store Checkouts
    • Quick and digital.
    • They have begun launching program where sales associate can check out customers on a mobile device, which means no lines and you only have to engage with a single associate.
  • Color IQ
    • New in-store technology launched in some stores.
    • The salespeople can scan a customer’s face and Pantone technology helps them find their perfect shades.

Sephora is a player in the expected channels – email, social media, apps – but they have also found ways to take the applications, posts and technology to new level, revolutionizing the way we shop and the way they engage their customers.