The Minuum Project

In my last blog we looked at speech recognition and its growth as an alternativemagnified to the keyboard and the mouse. Given the strong response to that piece, it appears there is a great deal of interest in this topic. I’ve decided to continue the discussion with some information on an another interesting development in the world of keyboards: the Minuum keyboard app.

Billed as “the little keyboard for big fingers,” Minuum offers a unique alternative to the traditional keyboard for mobile devices. More than 8000 crowd-fund backers pledged in excess of $85,000 to support  this project, which has been in development for more than two years and is slated to be released in beta for Android devices in June 2013.

As you already know, the keyboard on many mobile devices isn’t perfect, taking up a disproportionate amount of the screen and not well designed for typing accuracy. Will Walmsley, Minuum’s hand-gesturing CEO and lead designer, has addressed both of these issues in creating an alternative keyboard that takes up much less space and uses predictive technology to increase accuracy. It’s still based on the QWERTY keyboard, so typing with it should be intuitive for most users. Other benefits include scalability to the user’s preference and magnification to access punctuation and special characters.

But wait, there’s more. Minuum’s streamlined, one-line design allows for uses in many ways that a traditional keyboard can’t match. For example, wearable technology such as watches, rings and glasses could easily employ this type of technology for data input.

Early user reviews indicate that this type keyboard may prove to be a viable alternative to the traditional keyboard, opening doors to uses for many new technology devices we seeing with more frequency in the press.