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Truck Stop Spotlight: Engage Your Customers Where They Are

One of the things that holds true over time is that successful marketing engages prospective customers where they are. As media platforms multiply and customers become more bombarded, engaging them at the right time and the right place is more and more challenging.

Road King Magazine Cover
Road King Magazine Cover

This can be particularly difficult in the field I am in because I help clients reach professional truck drivers, who spend a good amount of their time literally on the move.

Reach your audience where they live and work

Working on behalf our client, Travel Centers of America, we have customized an approach that allows our advertisers to utilize a variety of platforms to maximize the impact of their advertising dollars. By taking advantage of the nationwide network of 250 travel centers, we are able to offer a variety of ways to engage drivers while they are on the road.

Our media is located in and around the TA and Petro branded truckstops, where drivers spend almost six hours per day. Aside from publishing the largest circulation driver publication, Road King Magazine, we also have various digital and environmental/place-based options. These include traditional posters, menus and directories, as well as website and email advertising.

Find solutions, not just selling points

Being able to offer a variety of print and digital space gives me the ability to find the right solution for a particular advertiser, rather than focusing on selling a specific product. This often involves using multiple media platforms.

If I approached a client with the idea of just filling up available space, the impact would be less effective. I wouldn’t retain the business over the long run because I wouldn’t be providing them with the best solution. With every advertiser, I work to create the most effective program to reach their target audience where they work and live. In the case of professional drivers, they work and live at truck stops, so that’s where we meet them.