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Tools We Use: RavenTools

I first heard about this tool from an email. I didn’t use it, however, until I started up the slope of social media strategy creation last quarter. I needed so many things – from social media management to figuring out how to gauge what a “successful” post is – and that’s when I became familiar with RavenTools.

Raven Tools dashboardRavenTools is an online platform that aggregates campaign reports for social media accounts. It helps keep track of social media trends and numbers, and it can also be used to manage digital media, from social media and PPC to SEO.

Here are three ways I use RavenTools to make my work life easier:

1. Manage multiple accounts

With our growing social media account list, RavenTools helps keep each account organized by campaign, which makes managing each Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram account so much easier. Using Raven Tools, you don’t have to log in to each account individually you can set up your dashboard to display the social activity of each one. You can also use RavenTools to keep track of who’s talking about you, what they’re saying and follow up with a response when it’s warranted.

2. Gauge post success

This part of Raven is by the far the most useful in detailing what you – or your client – considers a successful post. You can look at posts from the duration of the account individually and compare and contrast which posts worked and which didn’t work in order to move forward in your strategy.

For example, with one of our clients I needed to see what posts were creating the most buzz and generating hits to their website since January. Pulling stats for every social media site individually would have taken a lot of time I didn’t have. But because I could input a time frame and look at every post within it to see its impact in one place, I was able to determine quickly that the posts that engaged people the most were about lifestyle, celebrity health and myth busters.

3. Report it all fast

Pulling together statistics for reporting can be a total pain if you have to look at each social platform to gather them. They won’t be quantified the same way, so you’ll have to go through every number at least twice to make sure you’ve dealt with any inconsistencies. With RavenTools, I can customize, template and export statistics by campaign and platform into a PDF within 10 minutes.

This is not to say that RavenTools is the only platform can do it; many can. But this is the one that works for me, and perhaps it can do the same for you.