Coin card

The 411 on Coin

Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 4.16.08 PMCoin is a new simplification product that solves a common problem – a wallet packed with too much “stuff.” It’s a swipeable card that houses all your cards in one card. More specifically, data from all your cards – from personal debit cards to business credit cards to reward cards, memberships and giftcards – lives in one place.


Coin has a small button on it, and you can select which card you’d like to use when paying for something. You can use Coin everywhere cards are accepted in the U.S, including ATMs. For online purchases, you can refer to your stored cards in the mobile app but can’t use the actual Coin.

Loading cards

There’s an app for that. To add cards, there’s a swipe attachment for your phone and you simply swipe cards into the Coin app and take a picture to identify the card. Coin can hold 8 cards at a time, while the app can store an unlimited number of cards.

SecurityOnly Coin

Your Coin is linked with your phone, so if you leave it somewhere, it signals a phone alert. You can also set-up Coin to deactivate if it is apart from your phone for a certain period of time. Coin can also work alone if you don’t want to use the phone alert security features.

Learn more

To learn more or to preorder your Coin (currently scheduled to be available Summer 2014 at a cost of $100), go here.