the word "CONTENT" hand drawn in red block letters

So You’re A Publisher. Now What?

Today more than 90 percent of companies use content marketing to drive sales. They create stories and deliver them across a bunch of media channels to engage with current and potential customers. And whether they realize it or not, they have become publishing companies.

These companies are rushing to allocate more of their marketing budgets to creating content, but many are so concerned with blasting their message out that they’re forgetting why they’re creating it – and who they’re creating it for.

Rather than focusing on the newest, shiniest platform, they would be better served by taking a look back at the core principles of publishing – those that have served brands well for more than 100 years.

5 publishing principles that still apply today:

1. Mission

Figure out who you want to serve and what you’re going to deliver that is of value to them. Use this mission statement as a filter for all of your content going forward.

2. Strategy

Know where your audience is, research the best ways to engage with them and figure out how you are going to measure success. You can only measure a strategy’s success if you know where you want it to take you.

3. Plan

Develop a comprehensive plan for what you are going to publish, when, where and how often. Create a content calendar that helps your company live your mission and execute your strategy.

4. Create

Create stories that delivery value. Use your whole team to brainstorm ideas, pick out the best ones, and ensure the end product informs, inspires or entertains.

5. Measure and Adjust

Continually measure the results of your activities and make adjustments. You can only know if you’re making progress if you know where you started.

Whether you’re delivering your content through a magazine, a website, an email or a social network, you need to make sure each piece you publish is a step in the direction of your goals.

Parthenon Publishing was founded 11 years ago on the premise that brands need to create compelling content to engage with their customers and employees. Back then, this content was distributed mostly through traditional channels, such as magazines, newsletters, websites and email.

The landscape is clearly different today, but any good publisher knows one thing remains the same – good content connects. Make sure that’s what you’re publishing.