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Going Mobli: Meet The Newest Social Sharing App

Mobli_logoIf you haven’t met, I’d like to introduce you to Mobli. This social media application is a photo and video-sharing tool, and it’s worth exploring.

Similar to Instagram, it has with the ability to follow friends, search hashtags and filter photos. But Mobli also strives to be a visual search engine and to compete with the biggest dog: Google. Mobli has advanced photo- and video-filtering capabilities, allows users post video with unlimited lengths and to follow locations.

A recently released, updated version also features live broadcasting. Users can stream live, real-time videos with their followers and interact via comments. According to CIO Today, “Moshe Hogeg, Mobli founder and CEO, wasn’t shy about his aspirations in the announcement. He boldly proclaimed that the company is introducing ‘the beginning of a new era of live streaming.’”

This new technology poses a threat to current (larger) competitors such as Vine and Instagram. It also stands to threaten (or perhaps enhance) traditional live news broadcasting. Reporters from Rockingham County Press, you can use Mobli to get news out faster and to a larger audience, as they can use it while still mobile. Mobli can tell the story of one event – for example, the World Cup – from a world’s worth of perspectives — and the app compiles the stories into one.

Are you interested in going Mobli? Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments.