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6 Steps for Relaunching Your Company Blog

A company blog without content is like a ghost town in the Old West—abandoned, with few signs of inhabitants, and often seen as unappealing. Nobody stays for very long and return visits are rare.

Blogs go inactive for a variety of reasons: lack of strategy, limited time or other work responsibilities. But study after study shows that posting regular content to your company blog can drive traffic to your website, establish your team as an authority on certain topics, and allow you to interact with prospective clients. Despite these benefits, many corporate blogs suffer from inattention, then are ultimately removed after they sit dormant for a while.

If you failed at your first blogging attempt, it is worth revisiting. But before repeating a cycle destined to end in abandonment again, take the time to evaluate what went astray originally.  Be sure you have a strategy to delivery valuable, informative content to your target audience, and a commitment to doing it on a regular basis. Here are six steps to help the relaunch of your blog succeed.

1. Define your audience.

Before relaunching your blog, you need to decide who you are writing for. Write it down. You can’t be all things to all people. Decide who you want to reach and make sure everything you write makes sense to be written for them.

2. Determine your value proposition.

What value are you going to deliver to your audience? What are you going to say that they aren’t receiving elsewhere? Whether it is a unique point of view, an explanation of complex issues or an entertaining take on a particular topic, make sure you are delivering value.

3. Create a content calendar. And stick to it.

Once you determine how often you are going to post, create a calendar for posting. This helps you plan more effectively, stay on schedule and identify ideas for future posts.

4. Create great art.

You may have a gift with the written word, but if you don’t also try to tell that story with art, your words will go unread by many in your audience. You need to tell your story with both words and pictures. Add photos, videos or infographics to strengthen your written words and give dimension to your message.

5. Promote your blog.
You can’t just publish and expect your audience will come and find your post. You need to lead them there with every tool that you have available: email, promoted posts on social media and advertising on other channels.

6. Measure success and adjust.
Make sure you take the time to regularly review your metrics. Do this on a monthly basis, at least. Try to understand what your audience found interesting and what they largely ignored. Make adjustments to your topics, your headlines and your promotion strategies based on what is working and what isn’t.

If you have a sound strategy and follow the tips above, you can turn your abandoned ghost town of a blog into a vibrant community that benefits you and your business.