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5 Tips to Get Your Business Started on Social Media

Social media is one of the best platforms for your company’s story. But how do you get started? For most, engaging with an audience starts with establishing a presence on the major sites — Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

But in order to continue growing that network — Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections — the content offered should be educational, entertaining and enlightening. It will also vary depending upon the platform: Facebook and Twitter can be a more casual company snapshot, while LinkedIn tends to lend itself to more business-focused content.

Building a social media strategy for your company begins with these five tips for connecting with your readers, from clients or customers to your fellow professionals.

Use a conversational tone

Creating a level of familiarity will make people more comfortable with you – and could lead to business opportunities and strengthened relationships with your clients. In order to build a rapport with your audience, it’s important to make a personal connection. Defining your voice right from the start will boost your chances of capturing the audience’s attention. Be approachable!

Watch your word count

Twitter allows a maximum of 140 characters — so get to the point quickly. But though you might have more flexibility on Facebook and LinkedIn, try to keep your posts short: 50 words or less. Lengthy paragraphs can make the reader lose interest fast.

Provoke action

Having a consistent presence on social media will empower people to share their ideas and opinions. Encouraging feedback can spark a discussion and eventually lead to gaining valuable insight from your audience. Social media posts on any platform need to have a call to action, a question, a statistic – something that will inspire people to click, share or like your post. But remember: A post is a tease to additional content on your website; don’t give the whole game away on social media.

Post videos and photos

Videos and photos usually generate more retweets and Likes than text-only posts. Start out by sharing photos of your business, video of recent events or other images that will leave an impression. Giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse connects viewers to your team and your work. With regard to video content, don’t be stuffy. You’d like to be seen as intelligent and authoritative, but don’t take yourselves too seriously.

Brag a little!

Companies want their audience to think that they’re producing creative and valuable work. Sharing your successes is incredibly rewarding. It just feels good to talk about your accomplishments, whether it’s an industry award or kudos from one of your clients. Don’t be shy, because your competitors certainly aren’t. You can also talk about how one employee in your company has made a difference and then connect their work to your overall mission.

A business needs to consider its social media accounts as assets that should be continually shaped. As you move forward, remember to track what content is getting the most reaction from your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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