Ashley Brantley

As senior content strategist at Parthenon Publishing since 2011, Ashley has created and executed successful content plans for clients in industries including healthcare, nonprofit, transportation, venture capitalism and lifestyle. She has more than 10 years of experience in writing, editing, social media and public relations. Ashley’s background in journalism, social media and PR gives her a well-rounded view of how communications can succeed. After working for several years as a legislative reporter at the Tennessee State Capitol, Ashley returned to school to get her M.A. in journalism and public relations from University of Memphis. She worked for the university as a writer, blogger and public relations manager while pursuing her degree. Ashley volunteers her writing and marketing skills to Our Kids, a Nashville nonprofit that helps children and families affected by child sexual abuse, where she chairs the marketing committee and sits on both the board and executive committee. Ashley’s writing has been published in Road King magazine, the Nashville Scene and The City Paper.

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