Carlton Davis

One of the founding partners of Parthenon Publishing, Carlton brings to the company a rare combination of production and creative management expertise, along with a business mindset. As vice president and COO of the company, he oversees operations and print production, ensuring that projects come in on time, on budget and at the highest possible quality. Carlton, who studied business administration at the University of Tennessee, has more than 20 years of creative and production management experience. He spent six years as head of production at Capitol Records Nashville, where he directed creation of all visual materials from photo session through design to printing. He oversaw the production of integrated marketing campaigns for such artists as Garth Brooks, Keith Urban and Dierks Bentley. Before that, he managed Team Design Inc., a Nashville design firm that specialized in music industry clients.

  1. 5 Reasons Your Company Should Have A Morning Huddle

    Ever have a day so hectic you never even see some of your coworkers? A morning huddle helps combat miscommunication and bring your office closer.

  2. 7 Ways To Make Sure Your Team Is Making Progress

    Hard work alone will not guarantee a successful outcome. Here are 7 tactics we use to chart our progress and ensure we’re on the right track.

  3. Texting & Driving: Don’t Drive Blind

    Cars repeatedly drifting out of their lane for no apparent reason. Others remaining still well after the stop light has […]

  4. An Explosion Called Instagram

    Instagram’s exponential reach is really not about photography at all. It’s about the social community that has grown up around it.

  5. The Minuum Project

    In my last blog we looked at speech recognition and its growth as an alternative to the keyboard and the […]

  6. Can You Hear Me?

    While primitive working versions of this speech recognition technology have been around since the 1950s in laboratory settings, recent advances have enabled its practical application in a growing array of consumer uses.

  7. The Trail of Tiers: The Price of Internet Usage

    We live in a time of skyrocketing data consumption and high bandwidth use, but a recent session with the Parthenon crystal ball indicates that how we pay for this privilege is likely to change in the near future.

  8. What’s in a Name? TWC’s Winter Storm Naming

    The Weather Channel has started naming winter storms. It’s a shrewd marketing concept but one which is starting a media storm of its own.

  9. Happy Birthday CD!

    Thirty years ago, in October of 1982, Sony released the first consumer CD players in Japan. While they are no longer the main way to listen to music, they still have a role.

  10. Brands of the World

    Over the weekend my daughter introduced me to a new game app called Logos Quiz Game. Apparently we’re not the only ones enjoying this addictive game as it is ranked as one of the top free Apple App Store downloads this week.

    The game involves identifying over 500 corporate logos past and present as you advance to increasingly difficult levels. Key parts of the logos are missing to make the game more challenging. You can also utilize Twitter and Facebook to get help from friends when you get stuck.

  11. A Memorable Reader Experience

    Each year I eagerly anticipate the publication of Oxford American’s Southern music issue. It’s always high quality stuff and this year’s edition focusing on music from Mississippi is no exception. It’s chock-full of well-written and engaging stories, amazing design (just check out that cover!) and unforgettable images.

  12. Recalling the iPad

    Okay, I know I’m late to the party with this, but I’ve got to congratulate Steve Jobs and company on the iPad. Not like they were waiting for my endorsement, but I’m giving it anyway. Over a recent long weekend I finally got to spend an extended amount of face time with an iPad and I must say the experience really opened my eyes. And ears. And mind.