Joe Hills

Joe is a full-stack developer who configures and maintains our servers, codes any new websites we deliver and updates both modern and legacy systems for longstanding clients. Before joining Parthenon as web developer, Joe designed and constructed a content management system for Vanderbilt University’s living-learning community, The Ingram Commons. He also designed print and web graphics to brand the 10 houses of The Ingram Commons and promote special events. When not building websites, Joe enjoys experimenting with other new media to create things for a global audience. He co-authored the comedy game rulebook Pitfalls & Penguins, and has travelled across the country speaking at conferences about video production and editing, comedy writing and game development. He uses social media daily to stay in touch with the people he meets at these events and has more than 16,000 followers on Twitter and 45,000 subscribers on YouTube. He has also written plenty of code connecting to the Twitter, YouTube and Instagram APIs.

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