Joe Morris

Joe has been reporting, writing and editing for Parthenon Publishing since 2011, where he has produced publications for nationally known clients in healthcare, accounting, technology and entrepreneurial leadership. No matter what the industry, he helps each client find not only what to say, but how to say it clearly, concisely and with flair. He has written and edited for publications all around the country. In Atlanta, he worked in government and financial publishing and as a legal-affairs reporter, while in Los Angeles, his writing touched on everything from local news to celebrity profiles. While in L.A., he was the recipient of the Stonewall Democratic Club’s Media Awards. Since relocating to Nashville in 2001, he has covered tourism, hospitality and other local industry sectors for the Nashville Business Journal, while also contributing to regional healthcare publications as well as national tourism and relocation guides. Other work includes online content for several well-known national franchises’ recruitment websites, as well as local print and online business publications.

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