Nancy Henderson

As editor at Parthenon Publishing since 2005, Nancy has overseen a wide variety of corporate newsletters and magazines covering healthcare, transportation and finance. Her work on these publications has earned the company a number of accolades, including a Ragan Content Marketing Award for Best Print Publication and numerous TWNA Communicator awards. She has more than 25 years of experience in editing and writing for magazines and newspapers. Nancy was instrumental in the launch of the two national consumer magazines: At Country Weekly, she was one of four original staff writers, and as managing editor of the weekly TV Time, she developed the magazine’s editorial voice. She has also provided research for various television specials on the cable channel CMT and was part of a team that developed the curriculum and wrote/edited lessons for Google Europe’s Digital Garage project. Her work has been published in TV Guide, American Profile, Manhattan,inc., Country Music, Us magazine and Dish Magazine. Her business writing experience includes six years with the publicity department of Capitol Records Nashville, working with such artists as Garth Brooks, Charlie Daniels, Tanya Tucker and Keith Urban.

  1. How to Give a Good Interview

    Preparation for and understanding the interview process can help you get your point across clearly, while also giving a good story.

  2. 3 Common Custom Magazine Mistakes

    You can spend a lot of money to produce a beautiful magazine but still fail to excite or entice readers. Here are three tips to make sure you have an attractive and engaging publication.

  3. Content That Works

    Too often newsletter articles come across as lectures from above. To keep your audience reading so that they actually absorb the information you are offering, you need to follow a few key steps.

  4. Simple Writing is Smart

    Writers often choose big words — utilize rather than use, or regarding instead of about — in an attempt to sound more important, more intelligent. You’re smarter than that, right?

  5. Magazine Apps Still Evolving

    Now, with the iPad and other tablets, magazines are going app crazy, trying to figure out how to reach readers.

  6. Fearless Blogging

    Anyone who ever dismissed the idea of blogging because they felt that it was a young person’s medium should check out My Mom’s Blog, written by 85-year-old Millie Garfield.

  7. Two Spaces, Too Much

    Do you double space after a period? Don’t do that!

  8. Is English Dead?

    Are the people irked by bad grammar, spelling mistakes or a careless approach to punctuation just a bunch of old-fogey curmudgeons?

  9. Complementary Content on the Web

    Kevin Wise, an assistant professor of strategic communication, wants to understand how people process information they get from combined media. What happens when you add video to a web article, as so many news organizations do?

  10. Top Ten Words

    Merriam-Webster’s Top Ten Words lists cover a slew of fun subjects.

  11. Print’s Answer to the iPad

    Field & Stream is making a defiant challenge for the superiority of print. The editors have literally turned their magazine into a target, and made it interactive to boot! An inside page of the “gun nut” issue has been designed for target practice. The magazine asks readers to submit pictures of themselves shooting at the target page for the chance to win a gun.

  12. Social Media Claim Check

    I was as wowed as the next person by the onslaught of information in this video about the importance of social media. And then a contributor to the Huffington Post news site pointed out that none of the “facts” in the argument were sourced, advising “so take it with a grain of salt.”

    I’m not addressing the validity of the argument here — I actually do believe that social media is a game changer in communication. But as an editor who often works with clients who don’t have a background in reporting, I see lots of “urban myths” worm their way into communications.