Parthenon Staff

  1. Parthenon Publishing’s Content Creation Services Arm Now Resides Under Bohan Brand

    Bohan, an independent, full-service advertising and marketing agency, announced that Parthenon Publishing’s content creation services arm will now reside under the bohan brand.

  2. Looking Back on My Parthenon Publishing Internship

    For as long as I can remember, I knew that I wanted to work with words. Whether it was as a teacher, helping kids learn how to read, or as a writer, creating a story that would touch millions of people. But it turns out that what I love most is to tweak words — other people’s words. I want to be an editor.

  3. How To Be A Baller

    You can thank Philip Steen for introducing bubble soccer to Nashville. As chief executive officer and founder of Play Rec Sports, he is a master of creative recreation.

  4. Pedaling Good Times

    Josh moved to Nashville from LA to find his voice in country music; Krista moved from Boston because she wanted […]

  5. Top 10 Nashville Summer Activities

    Nashville feels like a small country town that, in recent years, has grown into the ranks of America’s biggest cities. […]

  6. 5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in Nashville

    It’s that time of year again! No, not the one for giving gifts, volunteering at soup kitchens or spending time with family […]

  7. In the Land of Make Believe

    As stage manager of Nashville Children’s Theatre, Dan Brewer spends each day telling wondrous tales. He’s like a kid again, and with good reason.

  8. Top 10 Places to Take Your Visitors

    There are a lot of reasons to visit Nashville. Here are the top 10 places we take our visitors in the 6-1-5.

  9. How I Became A (Better) Vandy Football Fan

    What ultimately made me a Vandy football fan was a subtle and brilliant strategy I never saw coming: Skip started rolling out the stories.

  10. 4 Ways to Keep Website Content Fresh

    We build a lot of websites for clients. It’s important to keep that sparkly new website current by keeping your content up to date. Here are 4 of the most common things that need to be updated regularly.

  11. Living the Dream: The Belmont Mansion

    Mark Brown not only makes the magic happen at the Belmont Mansion; To many, he is the magic.

  12. Going Mobli: Meet The Newest Social Sharing App

    Mobli is a social media app for photo and video-sharing, similar to Instagram, but a few key differences. Let’s check them out.