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  1. Reputation Management & My Daughter’s 1st Birthday

    What do reputation management and drinking too much at your daughter’s first birthday party have in common? More than you might think.

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  3. How to Explain Content Marketing to Your Dad

    I’m relatively new here at Parthenon, and still working on my elevator pitch. Over the past two months there have […]

  4. What’s The Difference Between A Job & A Career?

    You invested in yourself with post-secondary education, so why settle for a job that doesn’t let you use it?

  5. 3 New Ways Advertisers Are Getting In Front Of You

    Technology is constantly advancing, and that means advertisers are getting more creative. 3 tactics you may (or may not) have noticed.

  6. Talk Derby To Me: 5 Tips For Your Office Derby Party

    The 5 must-haves for throwing a great Kentucky Derby office party.

  7. How To Use The Internet To Buy A House

    As recent first time homeowner, I never bought a house pre-Internet – and I wouldn’t want to. How to go online to make your home buying experience better.

  8. Road King Magazine Wins 15 TWNA Awards

    Road King magazine, published by Parthenon Publishing, won 15 awards, including the Best of 2013 Award for magazine writing, at […]

  9. Be of Service: 5 Nashville Nonprofits for Young Professionals

    As I have become more accustomed to life as a young professional and the city of Nashville, I have had […]

  10. Dineen, Thurmond Join Parthenon Publishing

    Parthenon Publishing is pleased to announce that Claire Hughes Dineen and Laurabeth Thurmond have joined the company as Art Director […]

  11. 3 Tips To Avoid Being “The Used Car Salesman”

    Used car salesmen have a reputation for being pushy and behind-the-times. What a recent car buying experience taught me about how to update your sales pitch.

  12. Catch Olympics Guinness Ad While You Can

    Guinness released a powerful Olympic ad. But watch today because it’ll be gone tomorrow.