Parthenon Staff

  1. 7 Things You Don’t Know About Martin Luther King Jr.

    Martin Luther King Jr. had many titles: husband, leader, and family man, but there may still be some things you don’t know about him.

  2. Target Hacking Apology: Thanks?

    Target’s Timely Apology Email Today, Target sent out an email. Because I’ve never signed up for any selective Target lists, […]

  3. Rethinking Above the Fold Web Design

    I have been developing websites for  nearly 15 years now. I have seen many trends come and go, but one […]

  4. 5 Ways to Make the Right New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

    While thinking about your personal New Year’s resolutions, make business ones, too. Here are 5 tips to make strong ones for 2014.

  5. One-Year Anniversary: 4 Lessons I’ve Learned

    For those of you who are new to the work world, here are four lessons I learned in my first year at Parthenon.

  6. The 411 on Coin

    Coin is a swipeable card that houses all your cards – debit, credit, rewards, gifts – in one card. How can it work for you?

  7. 4 Ways to Score Deals using Social Media on Black Friday

    You’ve got the technology at your fingertips, and we’ve got the inside scoop on how to use it. 4 ways to score deals this Black Friday on social media.

  8. Tweeting with the Stars: NFL Players & Twitter Success

    How NFL stars are building relationships with their fans with more personal and engaging tweets.

  9. Is Your Facebook Reach Down, too?

    Is your Facebook reach down? Nobody’s talking about it, but we love the taboo. The possible cause, some solutions & a little bit of ranting.

  10. Tools We Use: RavenTools

    RavenTools is an online platform that we use to aggregate reports for our social media accounts. Here are three ways it works for us.

  11. Marketing M.O. – Be Effective, Not Just Different.

    Marketers love to tout the effectiveness of their new and different solutions. But is different really better?

  12. WhatDomain.org Explains Upcoming Changes to the Internet Landscape

    Beginning October 2013, the World Wide Web is going to get even bigger. According to WhatDomain.org, over 1,400 top-level domains will be available. The new domains will be online and each be a part of a “neighborhood”.