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  1. Is a Facebook Contest Right for My Business?

    Why Have a Facebook Contest? Facebook is a great place for your brand to communicate with fans. Not only is […]

  2. MATS Blog—Listen Up!

    One of the things you hear most in regards to sales and marketing is that nothing beats face-to-face interaction.  Being […]

  3. Facebook Data Plots March Madness Fandom

    For transparency’s sake, I’m the biggest hater of March Madness in our office. Jacky forced everyone here to fill out […]

  4. Parthenon Hires Senior Strategist

    Matt Thieleman has joined Parthenon Publishing as Senior Strategist.  He works with clients to develop workable and effective communication plans […]

  5. Road King Wins 13 TWNA Awards

    Road King magazine, published by Parthenon Publishing, won 13 awards, including the Best of 2012 Award for magazine design, at […]

  6. Your Personal Font Creator

    From the time of the caveman, the need to leave a personal mark existed. Early man had nothing but some […]

  7. Parthenon Project Spotlight: Social Media

    At Parthenon Publishing, we’re a pretty modest bunch. We think we’re funny, but not all that funny. We think we […]

  8. How are you managing your online reputation?

    Everyone has an online reputation, but do you know how to manage yours online? In this day and age who […]

  9. Tools For Smaller Employers Seeking Employees

    Parthenon recently needed to find a new, talented, digitally savvy strategist to help grow our team*. To be sure we […]

  10. Instagram Your Business to Success

    Don’t write off Instagram as a tool for teens to post pictures of the sunset, their breakfast or a pair of new sneakers. Instagram is a valuable marketing tool and businesses should consider it as an aspect of their overall social media strategy.

  11. 3 Questions to Ask Before Taking Print to Digital

    If you are thinking of taking your print publication digital, consider these questions to ensure a smooth transition.

  12. Key Metrics You Should Use For Social

    Formulating an exact ROI from social media may be challenging, metrics can provide clues as to whether or not you are making progress.