Parthenon Staff

  1. 3 Questions to Ask Before Taking Print to Digital

    If you are thinking of taking your print publication digital, consider these questions to ensure a smooth transition.

  2. Key Metrics You Should Use For Social

    Formulating an exact ROI from social media may be challenging, metrics can provide clues as to whether or not you are making progress.

  3. Custom CMS vs. Open Source

    Can you build me a custom content management system? The quick answer is yes. The longer one is that we need to have a conversation about your needs.

  4. The Language of Logos

    A logo is a company’s identity. It is often the first chance to communicate who you are and create a lasting impression on consumers.

  5. Trend Watch: Color Blocking & Digital Design

    Microsoft, Target and USA Today are all using color blocking in their print and digital design. Find out what it is and where the trend came from.

  6. Are you LinkedIn? 3 Easy Ways to get Connected

    With over 175 million users, most professionals are using LinkedIn, but there is a difference between being present and being active. Here are 3 easy steps to truly leverage LinkedIn.

  7. Blogging Made Simple: 5 Tips to Generate Ideas

    Businesses are finding that blogging is a good way to bring in new business and to keep engaging their existing clients. Here are a few tips to help spark your next blog topic.

  8. Getting Savvy on #GivingTuesday

    On Cyber Monday, deals become deals with all the rest, and the only competition method is a lowered price tag. But now we have #GivingTuesday with the fairest price tag of them all: the one that gives back.

  9. How to Speak Their Language: DiSC Profiles

    We all have ways we prefer to interact. Our goal is to help our clients produce engaging communications, so we use DiSC to help us better communicate as a business and with each other.

  10. Email Marketing Tips You Can Use Now

    Once again, the ExactTarget conference, Connections 2012: Inspire the Future, was informative and impressive. Parthenon is a long-time partner of ExactTarget, an ever-expanding and robust email marketing provider.

  11. 4 Metrics for Calculating Social ROI

    After much planning, you’ve executed your social media strategy. It’s been going for a few weeks now, so when should you start wondering if it’s working? How will you know if it is successful? What metrics can you use to determine success?

  12. The New Office Supplies

    When I watch Mad Men it makes me glad we don’t use typewriters at Parthenon. Partially because my “digital media” job wouldn’t exist in typewriter land but also because they look like a huge hassle.