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  1. Breaking Things to Make Things

    Although I have years of website-building experience, I still bump up against areas of coding that aren’t comfort zones. Every […]

  2. Networking Without Nametags

    July marks my one-year anniversary at Parthenon Publishing, and I owe finding and securing this job to years of organic […]

  3. Project Scoping: The Roadmap for Clients and Agencies

    Projects can get hung out to dry for many reasons: Time management, budget, resource challenges, poor communication — and the […]

  4. Influencer Marketing for Restricted Areas, NASA’s Latest Spin-off

    Your core business is strong, your team is doing good work and you’re already doing your best to tell the […]

  5. Learning About Learning

    Before I began web-development work a few years ago,  I was a graphic designer in the print world. I wanted to […]

  6. Unexpected Lessons at WordCamp Nashville

    WordCamp Nashville, an annual conference focusing on all things WordPress, took place in mid-September this year. Although I’ve participated and […]

  7. 3 Ways to Sell Yourself Better

    From entrepreneur to intern, everybody’s selling something. Here’s are three ways to sell yourself better from Scott Kupor of Andreessen Horowitz.

  8. 4 Tips for Taking Great Baby Pictures with Your iPhone

    Unlike my father and grandfathers, I’ve never taken my child to Sears for a portrait. Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up for taking great photos and videos of your new baby.

  9. Setting Goals? The 3 Small Steps You Have To Take

    Setting goals is more than swinging for the fences. How to build a process that gets results.

  10. 3 New Ways Advertisers Are Getting In Front Of You

    Technology is constantly advancing, and that means advertisers are getting more creative. 3 tactics you may (or may not) have noticed.

  11. How To Use The Internet To Buy A House

    As recent first time homeowner, I never bought a house pre-Internet – and I wouldn’t want to. How to go online to make your home buying experience better.

  12. Tricks of the Trade Show: 3 Steps to Success

    Many companies spend a significant amount of money to attend trade shows, but they skip the basic steps of trade show success.