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  1. Breaking Things to Make Things

    Although I have years of website-building experience, I still bump up against areas of coding that aren’t comfort zones. Every […]

  2. Networking Without Nametags

    July marks my one-year anniversary at Parthenon Publishing, and I owe finding and securing this job to years of organic […]

  3. Learning About Learning

    Before I began web-development work a few years ago,  I was a graphic designer in the print world. I wanted to […]

  4. Thanksgiving 2016: Parthenon Takes a Turn Down Gratitude Lane

    Yes, it is the official season of gratitude. As a husband, father, son and friend to many wonderful human beings, […]

  5. Better Tennessee Called ‘Content Marketing at its Best’

    When it awarded Better Tennessee magazine first place as the “Best Print Publication,” the Ragan 2015 Content Marketing Awards called […]

  6. Looking Back on My Parthenon Publishing Internship

    For as long as I can remember, I knew that I wanted to work with words. Whether it was as a teacher, helping kids learn how to read, or as a writer, creating a story that would touch millions of people. But it turns out that what I love most is to tweak words — other people’s words. I want to be an editor.

  7. How I Became A (Better) Vandy Football Fan

    What ultimately made me a Vandy football fan was a subtle and brilliant strategy I never saw coming: Skip started rolling out the stories.

  8. 3 Tips For Starting A New Job

    Here are 3 tips for starting a new job that I’ve learned in the past few weeks.

  9. Father’s Day: The Great Dad-Off Of 2014

    When Father’s Day comes around, as a child you have three options: You make your Dad something heartfelt and adorable. […]

  10. What’s The Difference Between A Job & A Career?

    You invested in yourself with post-secondary education, so why settle for a job that doesn’t let you use it?

  11. Talk Derby To Me: 5 Tips For Your Office Derby Party

    The 5 must-haves for throwing a great Kentucky Derby office party.