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  1. 3 Reasons You’re Not Seeing the Google Adwords Performance You Deserve

    At the risk of abusing the relationship adage, ‘it’s not you, it’s me,’ I’ll say that 99.9 percent of the […]

  2. Spring Cleaning for Your Website

    SEO. Search Engine Optimization. It’s a consistently hot topic in the digital marketing world. We talk about it a lot here at […]

  3. Don’t Tank Your Rank: Why Website Redesigns & SEO Must Coexist

    Website redesigns are a tricky gambit when it comes to SEO. In the exciting rush to realize the vision for […]

  4. Don’t Overlook the Easy Wins

    I’m fairly certain that one reason Parthenon keeps me around is that I’m a relentless reader and learner. What I […]

  5. Alt Text, SEO and Good Karma

    OK, content gurus, try this one on for size: Your site’s content has been optimized and SEO’d to the point […]

  6. Successful online marketing strategy goes beyond the website

    Online marketing is only as good as the results it gets — so how to track, calculate and evaluate those […]

  7. Reputation Management & My Daughter’s 1st Birthday

    What do reputation management and drinking too much at your daughter’s first birthday party have in common? More than you might think.

  8. SEO 103: 3 ways to optimize your best content

    You’ve written uniquely valuable content that appeals to your website visitors. Here’s how you optimize it so that your audience actually sees it.

  9. SEO 102: Is your content actually good or just good for SEO?

    The technical aspect of SEO is important, but Google says good content – content people want to read – is key to effective SEO. Is yours really good?

  10. SEO 101: Do You Really Know Why SEO Matters?

    Why does SEO matter? With more than 3 billion searches on Google everyday, if you’re not winning search, you’re not getting found.

  11. Competitive Analysis: 5 Steps for A Quick Start

    Read up on your rivals the right way with our competitive analysis quick start guide.

  12. A Case Study: Chappy’s on Church

    I’ll be the first to admit: I have a borderline unhealthy relationship with reality TV. Don’t worry though, I balance […]