MissionPoint Health Partners

MissionPoint Health Partners

MissionPoint Health Partners was in the first group of Accountable Care Organizations recognized by Medicare. This pioneering organization was poised to improve the health of tens of thousands of individuals. Unfortunately, most of its members didn’t know what an ACO was, much less how it could help them.

Parthenon worked with MissionPoint to develop a number of new communication tools, including welcome kits for new members, brochures, engaging Facebook and Twitter platforms and a quarterly print newsletter.

As MissionPoint’s business grew and changed, Parthenon developed new communication tools and techniques to meet the company’s evolving needs. Healthcare can be complex and patients are often fearful of changes to their healthcare coverage. To more clearly explain the new landscape and unique MissionPoint benefits, Parthenon’s creative team crafted a series of infographics. The pairing of image and text was colorful and concise, and made an overwhelming amount of confusing concepts easy to digest.

Need to communicate to a new audience or break down a complex concept into understandable messages? Parthenon can help. Let us show you how.

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