1. Rachel Young

    Companies are under more pressure than ever before to deliver content that engages. They need someone who understands how to […]

  2. Bobby Stark

    Bobby leads the Parthenon team in creating and delivering work that resonates with its audience and gets results. He takes […]

  3. Carlton Davis

    One of the founding partners of Parthenon Publishing, Carlton brings to the company a rare combination of production and creative […]

  4. Nancy Henderson

    As editor at Parthenon Publishing since 2005, Nancy has overseen a wide variety of corporate newsletters and magazines covering healthcare, […]

  5. Joe Morris

    Joe has been reporting, writing and editing for Parthenon Publishing since 2011, where he has produced publications for nationally known […]

  6. Ashley Brantley

    As Senior Editor for Parthenon Publishing, Ashley oversees the development and execution of content for both digital and print media. […]

  7. Joe Hills

    Joe knows all about Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP so you don’t have to. As Parthenon Publishing’s Web Developer, he writes custom code and builds bespoke systems to help our clients say what they want to say.

  8. Beth Downey

    As Parthenon’s junior web developer, Beth has an insatiable curiosity and a desire to explore. That approach to learning helps her […]

  9. Tara Hasenour

    As a Graphic Designer at Parthenon, Tara is responsible for creating vibrant and powerful designs for magazines, newsletters and other […]