1. Twitter Ads: 1 Suggestion You Shouldn’t Be Taking

    If you’re building a brand, targeting potential followers with a Twitter ad is great. But there’s one suggestion Twitter makes you shouldn’t be taking.

  2. 3 New Ways Advertisers Are Getting In Front Of You

    Technology is constantly advancing, and that means advertisers are getting more creative. 3 tactics you may (or may not) have noticed.

  3. Catch Olympics Guinness Ad While You Can

    Guinness released a powerful Olympic ad. But watch today because it’ll be gone tomorrow.

  4. Opting Out: What Google Shared Endorsement Ads Mean For You

    Google will soon put users’ names, faces and comments in “shared endorsement” ads. There’s a simple way to remove yourself.

  5. Expand Your Reach with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

    While almost all marketers are using content marketing tactics as part of the overall marketing strategy, one of their biggest […]

  6. Truck Stop Spotlight: Engage Your Customers Where They Are

    As media platforms have multiplied and customers have become more bombarded, engaging them at the right time and in the right place is challenging.

  7. Anti-Abuse Advertisement Targets Young Children

    ANAR’s anti-abuse advertisement uses a lenticular top layer targets young children.

  8. Product Placement: Don’t Be Too Obvious

    Party Time! Excellent! Remember back in 1992 (yeah, it’s really been that long) when Wayne and Garth featured products, in […]

  9. 3 Questions to Ask Before Taking Print to Digital

    If you are thinking of taking your print publication digital, consider these questions to ensure a smooth transition.

  10. YouTube’s Top Ads of 2011

    Over the last few years, advertisers have learned a few things on how to truly engage customers. They’ve started providing consumers the opportunity to become an active participant in campaigns by creating content that we want to share. Ads are earning their way onto screens via votes on YouTube, comments, sharing and liking on various social media platforms. Users are jumping on the bandwagon and creating spoofs or video responses; making campaigns even more successful.

  11. ‘Tis the Season for Holiday Ads

    The end of year holiday season is probably my favorite time of year. We have fried turkeys, fake trees, gifts we don’t want, annoying family members, and most importantly time off from work. One thing I really enjoy about this time of year is the ads.

  12. Super Mario Celebrates ‘Movember’

    As I was perusing my RSS feeds today, I stumbled across a fantastic ad campaign put together by an agency in Singapore aimed at raising awareness of “Movember.” (If you’re unfamiliar with this newly minted 11th month of the calendar year, it’s the season you’ll notice an uncanny reemergence of the moustache, as men compete to raise funds for prostrate cancer research.)