1. 4 Tips for Taking Great Baby Pictures with Your iPhone

    Unlike my father and grandfathers, I’ve never taken my child to Sears for a portrait. Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up for taking great photos and videos of your new baby.

  2. How to Build a Solid Product Plan

    It seems simple enough: If you’re listening to your customer, you should have a good idea of what they need. […]

  3. Can You Hear Me?

    While primitive working versions of this speech recognition technology have been around since the 1950s in laboratory settings, recent advances have enabled its practical application in a growing array of consumer uses.

  4. Trend Watch: Color Blocking & Digital Design

    Microsoft, Target and USA Today are all using color blocking in their print and digital design. Find out what it is and where the trend came from.

  5. The New Office Supplies

    When I watch Mad Men it makes me glad we don’t use typewriters at Parthenon. Partially because my “digital media” job wouldn’t exist in typewriter land but also because they look like a huge hassle.

  6. Our Favorite Apps

    Some of the favorite apps among the Parthenon staff:

  7. YouTube’s Top Ads of 2011

    Over the last few years, advertisers have learned a few things on how to truly engage customers. They’ve started providing consumers the opportunity to become an active participant in campaigns by creating content that we want to share. Ads are earning their way onto screens via votes on YouTube, comments, sharing and liking on various social media platforms. Users are jumping on the bandwagon and creating spoofs or video responses; making campaigns even more successful.

  8. Market Research: As Easy as Point, Click, and Shoot, Thanks to frog

    Who comes up with those award-winning, original product designs that change our lives and are worth billions of dollars? You! […]

  9. Facebook for iPad: an Introduction

    Have no fear iPad users; Facebook is here, finally. Over a year and an iPad generation later, Facebook has finally released its app for the iPad.

  10. Rest in Peace

    As I sit on my iMac and write away every day at Parthenon, or surf the Web on my iPad at night, I never think too much about the way I’m exposing myself to media.

  11. Keeping Up with Technology

    It's impossible to keep up with technology between it failing, normal wear and tear and new versions released.

  12. Magazine Apps Still Evolving

    Now, with the iPad and other tablets, magazines are going app crazy, trying to figure out how to reach readers.