Best Practices

  1. Rally The Troops: Getting Buy-In For Corporate Initiatives

    Remember the “all employees must attend” meeting late on a Friday afternoon? If so, you’re not alone. It usually meant […]

  2. Engaging Your Readers the Old School Way

    The writing team here at Parthenon is made up of a bunch of rockstars. The nice part of my job […]

  3. Why Your Website Is Like a Car

    You have a website. You either paid someone money to create it or you paid with your own time to […]

  4. Email Made Easy: 3 Ways To Declutter Your Inbox

    Tired of dealing with email overload? Stop subscribing to every newsletter you once read, and find new ways to get and share information.

  5. Comments: More than bottom dwellers

    Build your brand! Get people talking! Love those comments and respond to them right away! The drumbeat of advice for […]

  6. 3 Ways to Beat Deadline Dread

    Deadlines often bring difficultly. These 3 easy steps of proper planning can help save your sanity.

  7. Competitive Analysis: 5 Steps for A Quick Start

    Read up on your rivals the right way with our competitive analysis quick start guide.

  8. Making the case for case studies

    It’s easy to brag on a job well done. It’s also smart business. When you’ve done something 1) right, 2) […]

  9. Parthenon Project Spotlight: Social Media

    At Parthenon Publishing, we’re a pretty modest bunch. We think we’re funny, but not all that funny. We think we […]

  10. Key Metrics You Should Use For Social

    Formulating an exact ROI from social media may be challenging, metrics can provide clues as to whether or not you are making progress.

  11. Are you LinkedIn? 3 Easy Ways to get Connected

    With over 175 million users, most professionals are using LinkedIn, but there is a difference between being present and being active. Here are 3 easy steps to truly leverage LinkedIn.

  12. Blogging Made Simple: 5 Tips to Generate Ideas

    Businesses are finding that blogging is a good way to bring in new business and to keep engaging their existing clients. Here are a few tips to help spark your next blog topic.