1. Photographic Impressions

    Most of the work I do as creative director involves an editorial product. That means finding a way to enhance words with photos and graphics. When veteran photographer Mark Tucker came to Parthenon, he laid out a project that was especially intriguing to an art director. His photographs had to be the focal point. Words were secondary.

  2. Kindle Library Lending

    If you know a fellow Kindle owner, it wasn’t too long ago that Amazon started allowing users to lend out books for two weeks at a time. Now, Amazon announced that soon, Kindle e-books will be available at local libraries in a program they call Kindle Library Lending.

  3. Book It – The Nashville Public Library

    A quick visit to, shows that the library is determined to keep up with the times as much as technology and budgets will allow.

  4. Your Business Reading List

    So what books are on your business bookshelf? Fast Company’s expert blogger, Rich Brooks, has boiled down the best books for business into an list of the most essential 13. The list held a few surprises and is not just limited to recent best sellers. Brooks included the following: