1. The Hidden Influence of Social Networks

    Could sustained emotion spread over a large group of people? This is a question that Nicholas Christakis has been asking for years now, and has some great theories on.

  2. Print’s Answer to the iPad

    Field & Stream is making a defiant challenge for the superiority of print. The editors have literally turned their magazine into a target, and made it interactive to boot! An inside page of the “gun nut” issue has been designed for target practice. The magazine asks readers to submit pictures of themselves shooting at the target page for the chance to win a gun.

  3. Paying Attention to My Own Editorial

    I recently wrote an article about skin blemishes and protecting oneself from the sun and skin cancer for one of our healthcare publications. The article prompted me to take a look at my own fair skin.

  4. What Ever Happened to Adverbs?

    Could someone please help me investigate what happened to all the adverbs? I think they have been hijacked by “like” and “seriously” in conversation today. I mean, seriously, like why doesn’t anyone use them any more?

  5. Social Media Claim Check

    I was as wowed as the next person by the onslaught of information in this video about the importance of social media. And then a contributor to the Huffington Post news site pointed out that none of the “facts” in the argument were sourced, advising “so take it with a grain of salt.”

    I’m not addressing the validity of the argument here — I actually do believe that social media is a game changer in communication. But as an editor who often works with clients who don’t have a background in reporting, I see lots of “urban myths” worm their way into communications.

  6. Why is Web Usability Important?

    Not only is web usability important, it’s vital. In a competitive world of big-name brands and corporations fighting for the same space, you can’t simply launch a site and trust it’ll engage your audience. Developing your site from the ground up with the user in mind will increase the chances of conversion and gaining yourself a loyal customer base.

  7. Social Media Grammar School

    When it comes to dashing off a quick thought via Twitter or Facebook, we’re all guilty of a couple LOLs or BRBs, and even the occasional typo. ow there are more and more people popping up to scold us and school us. They’re mad because they think that all grammar rules are going down the tubes on social networking sites.

  8. Parthenon Adds More Talent to Our Team

    Parthenon is pleased to welcome four new additions to our team: Becky Eastridge, Diana Garrett, Candace Hutchins and Chrissy Seivers.

  9. SoFresh Nashville: Email is Still Key!

    Yesterday, several of us got to go to the “So Fresh” Social Media conference here in Nashville. We had the opportunity to hear from amazing speakers about a wide array of subjects, but of course my favorite session was about how email and social media are merging together.

    Greg Cangialosi explained that it’s important to not ignore your email marketing program, since it’s the “work horse” of your social media campaign. By integrating social media into your email marketing programs, you have the opportunity to convert your loyal audience into faithful fans.

  10. Write for Readers

    The title got me, and I immediately clicked through to read a health newsletter’s article about the “25 diet-busting foods you should never eat.” Strangely enough, the most valuable information was in the comments.

  11. Vocabulary Alert: “Facebook Me”

    The social media/professional networking frenzy has morphed nouns into verbs: Google It. Twitter. Link me In. Facebook me. Hip slang or the demise of society? A recent brings this trend to life.

  12. Sprouter: A New Social Networking Tool to Grow Ideas

    Do you have a great entrepreneurial idea and want an unbiased – yet experienced – opinion? Asking family and friends what they think of your brainchild or next business venture can be helpful, but wouldn’t it be ideal to get feedback from fellow entrepreneurs experienced and knowledgeable in your industry of interest?