1. What Newspaper Journalists Can Teach You

    Amid the financial turmoil plaguing the newspaper industry as a whole, accusations and general finger-pointing has abounded as industry players scramble to figure who’s to blame.

    You’ve heard the culprits:

  2. Why are email open rates deceptive?

    One of the most touted benefits of using email to communicate with customers is the ability to measure recipients’ interactions with the email, via extensive tracking systems. And the first statistic most companies look at is the open rate. Big mistake.

  3. In business, silence wrecks relationships. Are you talking?

    When it comes to employees, customers and members, mum is not the word. Why you should get strategic with your internal and external messages.

    Communication is at the heart of building business relationships: top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top, peer-to-peer, internally and externally. The best relationships are two-way with active dialogue. You can have a solid plan and vision, employees with phenomenal capacity and business integrity – but not communicating to your employees, customers and members can be toxic.

  4. Facebook Is Not a Strategy

    Social media is different, but should be utilized with the same thoughtfulness as traditional media

    With Facebook topping 200 million active users, and traditional media outlets bombarding viewers with pleas to become fans, many marketers are feeling the pressure to jump on the bandwagon. While Facebook and other social media are new outlets to many, like more traditional media, they require a strategy to be utilized effectively.

    Before setting up a Facebook page and expecting thousands of fans to act as your cheerleaders, it is important to answer many of the questions you would in approaching any other media.