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  3. So You’re A Publisher. Now What?

    Today more than 90 percent of companies use content marketing to drive sales, but many forget what publishing is about at its core. Here’s a reminder.

  4. 5 Questions You Should Ask – and Answer – in All Your Content

    In a world of constant communication, the 5 Ws of story writing have never been more important. Can you ask – and answer – them for your readers?

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    Deadlines often bring difficultly. These 3 easy steps of proper planning can help save your sanity.

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  9. Competitive Analysis: 5 Steps for A Quick Start

    Read up on your rivals the right way with our competitive analysis quick start guide.

  10. Don’t Water Down Your Content

    Once a reader looks at a publication and says, “I’ve read all this before,” you’ve lost them for life. Conversely, if he or she feels personally addressed, and is given information that’s actually useful, your connection to them is strong and durable.

  11. Red Bull: The Greatest Marketer of Our Generation

    We’ve declared today “Red Bull Day” at Parthenon Publishing because Red Bull is the greatest marketer of our generation.

  12. Sell Your Event Early, Keep It Alive Late

    Online and print strategies allow companies to maximize their events, but how do you do it the right way?