content marketing

  1. 4 Metrics for Calculating Social ROI

    After much planning, you’ve executed your social media strategy. It’s been going for a few weeks now, so when should you start wondering if it’s working? How will you know if it is successful? What metrics can you use to determine success?

  2. Know Your Audience

    The Great Hamburger vs. Hotdog Paper-Folding Debate of 2012. Are your references relevant?

  3. Picture This: Connecting Photogs With Bootleggers

    Oh, for the days when attaching artwork to a blog simply meant pinging around the Internet, running searches and eventually snagging a suitable image and dropping it into place.

    You can still do that, but now you’re much more likely to get into trouble if that artwork is copyrighted and you haven’t asked for permission — or paid the photographer/artist.

  4. Strategy is Key to Successful Content Marketing

    Content marketing consumes about a quarter of all marketing budgets today. That has led many to proclaim, “content is king.” It is true that engaging content based on a strategy tied to business goals is the king of marketing tools. However, content with no strategy is, at best, a distant royal relative.

    Whether they call it “content marketing” or not, almost every company practices some form of content marketing. To engage with current and potential customers, companies may create a print newsletter, send an email update, share items on Facebook or write a blog. It is all content marketing.

  5. Let Your Audience Enhance Your Content

    Virtually everyone talks about the need for companies to produce content that engages their audience. Some common tactics are to ask a question, take a strong position on an issue, or just make the content easy to share via social media. However, few actually take the step of making the audience a key part of the content creation itself. Starting a conversation, and then asking the audience to actively participate will result in a higher level of engagement. The audience will be more involved and invested in the content. The content itself will continue to grow and improve

  6. It’s How You Say It

    Are you typing in the written equivalent of, “thank you for calling” when you respond to a complaint or compliment?

  7. Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl Social Media

    Planning to watch the Super Bowl on February 5th? If you are one of the almost 60% of people who will also have a second screen nearby (iPad, smart phone, laptop), then be sure to check out Coke’s latest social media experiment: The new site will feature Coke’s adorable and popular polar bears reacting to the game in real time.

  8. Coca-Cola Using Content Marketing to Double Sales

    Coca-Cola has an ambitious plan to utilize content marketing as the central driver of its goal to double its business by 2020. For a company as big as Coke, that’s a lot of growth. And, for the marketing world, Coke’s approach is validation of the important and growing role of content in every company’s marketing efforts.

  9. Think Before You Link

    The idea behind the link is to leverage your post as much as possible by attaching it to both in-house and external support sites.

  10. What the New Facebook Insights Means to Marketers

    If you’ve ever used Facebook insights, you’re no stranger to its updates and changes. And as you may have heard, Facebook is updating insights again and this time it’s big … really big.

  11. If Content Is King, Are You The Power Behind The Throne?

    There are plenty of sites (both business/consumer and pure blog) that have plenty to say, and say it effectively. And they don’t just rely on short sentences, SEO-laden jargon and bullet points, either.

  12. Content Marketing World 2011 ~ 5 Top Takeaways

    Five favorite takeaways from the first annual Content Marketing World conference recently held in Cleveland, OH.