content marketing

  1. Seeing (And Hearing) Is Believing

    Images help sell a story, which is why newsprint is usually livened up with photos. That holds true in the online world as well, where there are even more choices to augment even the driest copy. As is always the case, however, sometimes there can be far, far too much of a good thing.

  2. Social Media: I Don’t Like Your Tone!

    In the mad rush to get something, anything, out onto a social media platform (or two, or three), the content can take a backseat to the process.

  3. Engaging Customers to Share your Content

    Sanjay Dholakia is CEO of Crowd Factory, the leading provider of crowd-powered marketing applications. He writes for Mashable that it’s not enough to enable your content to be shared; you have to creatively encourage it from your fans.

    Why should I share your product’s campaign? Here are five good ways your brand can answer that question.

  4. Creating Error-Free Copy

    The human eye may not be able to catch every error, but striving for the perfect piece of copy starts with a few simple proofing measures.

  5. Mapping Out Your Social Media Strategy

    Social media is a lot like a road trip. If you want to stay on track and arrive at your planned destination, you need to create a strategy that will get you there, and it all starts with good content.

  6. Helpful Tools For Managing Digital Content

    What tools do you find most helpful in collaborating, monitoring and managing your digital content? We add our favorites to a top 25 list from the CMI.

  7. How Custom Publishing Can Improve Healthcare

    Last fall I attended a talk given by James Merlino, M.D., of the Cleveland Clinic. Merlino serves as chief experience officer, where he leads a variety of initiatives designed to create a better patient experience from first point of contact through discharge.

  8. Quality Content Reigns in Google Searches

    In the never-ending battle between content quality vs. quantity, quality scored game-changing points when Google recently announced a major update to its search engine ranking algorithm.

  9. Fearless Blogging

    Anyone who ever dismissed the idea of blogging because they felt that it was a young person’s medium should check out My Mom’s Blog, written by 85-year-old Millie Garfield.

  10. Just a Dash

    Deciding between a hyphen and a dash in a sentence, title or even a sports score can get a little confusing. No more. I’ve got some quick pointers to help decide which line to use.

  11. Apple’s Subscription Service – Is it a Good Thing?

    Apple recently announced its plan to tack a 30 percent fee on to publishers who charge subscriptions through its App Store. These fees apply to magazines, books, newspapers, music and videos. Apple is also dictating that these publishers can’t offer their subscriptions elsewhere at a lower price, and the consumers will have the option to withhold to sharing their details — such as name or location — with the publisher.

  12. Two Spaces, Too Much

    Do you double space after a period? Don’t do that!