1. 3 Basics of Planning a Photo Shoot

    Here at Parthenon we have the opportunity to tell many powerful and compelling stories for our clients. We’ve used our experience to […]

  2. Don’t Tank Your Rank: Why Website Redesigns & SEO Must Coexist

    Website redesigns are a tricky gambit when it comes to SEO. In the exciting rush to realize the vision for […]

  3. Dineen, Thurmond Join Parthenon Publishing

    Parthenon Publishing is pleased to announce that Claire Hughes Dineen and Laurabeth Thurmond have joined the company as Art Director […]

  4. Rethinking Above the Fold Web Design

    I have been developing websites for  nearly 15 years now. I have seen many trends come and go, but one […]

  5. Parthenon Project Spotlight: Social Media

    At Parthenon Publishing, we’re a pretty modest bunch. We think we’re funny, but not all that funny. We think we […]

  6. The Language of Logos

    A logo is a company’s identity. It is often the first chance to communicate who you are and create a lasting impression on consumers.

  7. Trend Watch: Color Blocking & Digital Design

    Microsoft, Target and USA Today are all using color blocking in their print and digital design. Find out what it is and where the trend came from.

  8. Brands of the World

    Over the weekend my daughter introduced me to a new game app called Logos Quiz Game. Apparently we’re not the only ones enjoying this addictive game as it is ranked as one of the top free Apple App Store downloads this week.

    The game involves identifying over 500 corporate logos past and present as you advance to increasingly difficult levels. Key parts of the logos are missing to make the game more challenging. You can also utilize Twitter and Facebook to get help from friends when you get stuck.

  9. Market Research: As Easy as Point, Click, and Shoot, Thanks to frog

    Who comes up with those award-winning, original product designs that change our lives and are worth billions of dollars? You! […]

  10. Seeing (And Hearing) Is Believing

    Images help sell a story, which is why newsprint is usually livened up with photos. That holds true in the online world as well, where there are even more choices to augment even the driest copy. As is always the case, however, sometimes there can be far, far too much of a good thing.

  11. 3 Common Custom Magazine Mistakes

    You can spend a lot of money to produce a beautiful magazine but still fail to excite or entice readers. Here are three tips to make sure you have an attractive and engaging publication.

  12. Web Design: How to Hire the Right Web Designer

    When looking to hire a web designer, or a web design firm, it can be difficult to compare firms apples to apples. Here’s a quick guide to assessing web designers and choosing the right one: