email marketing

  1. The Key to Email Marketing Success

    How many subscribers receive your email marketing campaigns? You probably have a good idea of your audience numbers. But how many valid subscribers you have?

  2. Essential Email Marketing Strategies

    There are many different strategies and techniques for email marketing. Here we offer you four basic practices to live by when executing your email marketing campaign.

  3. Disconnect to Connect

    Today I read a great blog post written by Richard Watson, the publisher of What’s Next (a website that documents global trends) and co-founder of Strategy Insight (a specialist scenario planning consultancy). The blog’s title, Why Doing Nothing is Often Better Than Doing Something, grabbed my attention. What Watson found was that he felt overwhelmed with too much information. He was drowning in the details of life and was missing the boat on being an innovative, creative deep-thinker.

  4. You ‘Like’ It, But Will You Buy It?

    “Liking” a page on Facebook doesn’t boost sales…or does it?

  5. Anthropologie Emails: Enabling Required

    I believe there is a “healthy” amount of images for email newsletters. Nixing them all together makes the email boring. Using a beautiful single image design or many images scattered throughout the content may be visually appealing on your screen but isn’t guaranteed to translate well.

  6. The New Wave of Business Communications

    Have you tried the new Rockmelt web browser yet? If not, you can sign up for Rockmelt here or if you have a Facebook friend who’s already using Rockmelt, ask them to send you an invitation. Rockmelt is leveraging Facebook as the primary channel to distribute their new browser to the world – so rather than follow the conventional marketing path of making a Rockmelt browser download immediately available to any and all users and then hoping it goes viral through social networks, the folks at Rockmelt are making their new browser available by invitation only from your Facebook network.

  7. Create a Killer Brand-ExactTarget Connections 2010

    I had the opportunity to attend Connections 10, ExactTarget’s email marketing and social media conference in Indianapolis. The conference was an excellent chance for me to learn about ExactTarget’s new features, hear interesting case studies from marketers and meet fellow ExactTarget partners and clients. I came back with a lot of valuable information and look forward to implementing new strategies with Parthenon’s clients.

  8. Do You Delete?

    On a typical day, my Gmail inbox is filled with eight shopping or dining offers, four event promotions, three publication newsletters, one car insurance “important notification” and, if I’m lucky, a personal e-mail or two.

    Do I read them all? No, I delete most of them.

  9. SoFresh Nashville: Email is Still Key!

    Yesterday, several of us got to go to the “So Fresh” Social Media conference here in Nashville. We had the opportunity to hear from amazing speakers about a wide array of subjects, but of course my favorite session was about how email and social media are merging together.

    Greg Cangialosi explained that it’s important to not ignore your email marketing program, since it’s the “work horse” of your social media campaign. By integrating social media into your email marketing programs, you have the opportunity to convert your loyal audience into faithful fans.

  10. How (and why) to plan for interactive marketing

    The exponential growth of internet adoption among businesses and consumers provides tremendous opportunity for marketers. According to Forrester Research, advertisers will spend $25.8b on interactive marketing in 2009, and that number is expected to rise over the next five years to $55b, representing 21 percent of all marketing expenditures. The primary reason for this massive growth is that interactive marketing provides more efficient ways to reach prospective customers than more traditional advertising vehicles.

    Challenges always accompany opportunities, however, and interactive marketing is no exception. Here are five steps to successfully plan your interactive marketing for 2010:

    1. Understand. Before you develop and execute your interactive marketing plan, embark on a mission to understand who your target market is and how they behave online. Create a few prototypical customers and create a quick model about the

  11. The Importance of Links in Emails

    Including and utilizing links within your email marketing campaigns is important to guarantee that your links are working for you — that they are investigating what your readers like and helping you generate new content — all while maintaining your email’s charm.

    Once you’ve crossed the biggest hurdle of getting someone to open your email, continuing to keep their attention is facilitated by the quality of the content and the information provided within external links. (For more information about the Five Stages of Viewing an email click here)

  12. Why are email open rates deceptive?

    One of the most touted benefits of using email to communicate with customers is the ability to measure recipients’ interactions with the email, via extensive tracking systems. And the first statistic most companies look at is the open rate. Big mistake.