employee communications

  1. Complicated Topics, No Jargon

    When messaging must reach people who are not immersed in industry jargon, using it just creates confusion. So how do you translate a tough topic to a broad readership? Here are 3 good ways.

  2. Rally The Troops: Getting Buy-In For Corporate Initiatives

    Remember the “all employees must attend” meeting late on a Friday afternoon? If so, you’re not alone. It usually meant […]

  3. Engaging Your Readers the Old School Way

    The writing team here at Parthenon is made up of a bunch of rockstars. The nice part of my job […]

  4. How to Find Your Employee Hero

    Successful internal communications put a spotlight on employees who show the company values at work. The trick is to find them. All it takes is a shift in thinking, developing a few discovery tactics and letting go of an image of the “perfect” story.

  5. 3 Keys to Successful Employee Communications

    Every organization wants to have effective employee communications. Most do not do it well. In fact, 85 percent of employees […]

  6. Parthenon Helps HCA Celebrate Nurses Week

    Parthenon is pleased to play a role in helping HCA celebrate Nurses Week (May 6-12, 2016). We do so each […]

  7. 2015 Will be the Year of the Employee

    Rather than a tool or a platform, the focus of marketers in 2015 will be on an audience. It will be the year of the employee.

  8. Lessons in Storytelling from a Sausage Biscuit

    After getting a biscuit with sausage breakfast sandwich one Sunday morning, I realized that I had seen the power of storytelling in action.

  9. SEO 103: 3 ways to optimize your best content

    You’ve written uniquely valuable content that appeals to your website visitors. Here’s how you optimize it so that your audience actually sees it.

  10. Dineen, Thurmond Join Parthenon Publishing

    Parthenon Publishing is pleased to announce that Claire Hughes Dineen and Laurabeth Thurmond have joined the company as Art Director […]

  11. SEO 102: Is your content actually good or just good for SEO?

    The technical aspect of SEO is important, but Google says good content – content people want to read – is key to effective SEO. Is yours really good?

  12. Share and Share A Like

    Facebook “likes” will always be important. But not as important as “shares.”