1. Know Your Audience

    The Great Hamburger vs. Hotdog Paper-Folding Debate of 2012. Are your references relevant?

  2. Invigorate Your Intranet

    (aka: How To Make Your Employees Give A Damn About Corporate Sharing) When employees hear the word “Intranet” they often imagine an endless procession of cubicles, red tape and TPS Reports. In order to combat that, we’ve created a cheat sheet to help you make your intranet engaging and empowering for executives and employees alike.

  3. Let Your Audience Enhance Your Content

    Virtually everyone talks about the need for companies to produce content that engages their audience. Some common tactics are to ask a question, take a strong position on an issue, or just make the content easy to share via social media. However, few actually take the step of making the audience a key part of the content creation itself. Starting a conversation, and then asking the audience to actively participate will result in a higher level of engagement. The audience will be more involved and invested in the content. The content itself will continue to grow and improve

  4. The Rules of Engagement

    Engagement is one of the most influential – and inexpensive – ways to reach your target audience through social media. The only cost to you is time, but as any good businessperson knows, time is money. But do you know what else is money? Money. And studies have shown that companies that engage with their audiences make more money than those that don’t, so use that to your advantage.