1. Opting Out: What Google Shared Endorsement Ads Mean For You

    Google will soon put users’ names, faces and comments in “shared endorsement” ads. There’s a simple way to remove yourself.

  2. Comments: More than bottom dwellers

    Build your brand! Get people talking! Love those comments and respond to them right away! The drumbeat of advice for […]

  3. Online Reputation Management: The Comments

    So you’ve been managing your online reputation per our snazzy four tips to get you started. Your LinkedIn and Facebook […]

  4. Timing Your Social Posts: Make Sure You’re Heard

    Optimize the timing of your social feeds to hit your audience when they’re most likely to engage. It’s not worth posting content nobody is going to see.

  5. Share and Share A Like

    Facebook “likes” will always be important. But not as important as “shares.”

  6. Is a Facebook Contest Right for My Business?

    Why Have a Facebook Contest? Facebook is a great place for your brand to communicate with fans. Not only is […]

  7. Facebook Data Plots March Madness Fandom

    For transparency’s sake, I’m the biggest hater of March Madness in our office. Jacky forced everyone here to fill out […]

  8. Parthenon Project Spotlight: Social Media

    At Parthenon Publishing, we’re a pretty modest bunch. We think we’re funny, but not all that funny. We think we […]

  9. Don’t Water Down Your Content

    Once a reader looks at a publication and says, “I’ve read all this before,” you’ve lost them for life. Conversely, if he or she feels personally addressed, and is given information that’s actually useful, your connection to them is strong and durable.

  10. Key Metrics You Should Use For Social

    Formulating an exact ROI from social media may be challenging, metrics can provide clues as to whether or not you are making progress.

  11. Takei Talks Social Media

    Takei earned his 3 million Facebook fans with a mixture of humor and humanity. But he was awfully smart about building that community too.

  12. Accentuate the Positive

    Two Facebook posts I made recently taught me a lesson.