1. Mapping Out Your Social Media Strategy

    Social media is a lot like a road trip. If you want to stay on track and arrive at your planned destination, you need to create a strategy that will get you there, and it all starts with good content.

  2. Disconnect to Connect

    Today I read a great blog post written by Richard Watson, the publisher of What’s Next (a website that documents global trends) and co-founder of Strategy Insight (a specialist scenario planning consultancy). The blog’s title, Why Doing Nothing is Often Better Than Doing Something, grabbed my attention. What Watson found was that he felt overwhelmed with too much information. He was drowning in the details of life and was missing the boat on being an innovative, creative deep-thinker.

  3. You ‘Like’ It, But Will You Buy It?

    “Liking” a page on Facebook doesn’t boost sales…or does it?

  4. Facebook Obsession

    Social Hype has teamed up with Online Schools to develop an interesting infograph about the 2010 trends with Facebook and its usage over the last year. As expected, the numbers are showing that Facebook is growing leaps and bounds every day. Within 20 minutes, one million links are shared! One out of every 13 people in the world have an account and half of those have logged in on any given day. Over 71 percent of the American Web audience is on Facebook. Really interesting stuff. So, will Facebook turn out to just be another MySpace one day or are they just savvy enough to grow their audience, surpassing Google?

  5. The Top Marketing Charts of 2010

    Do you know the number one reason people “like” companies on Facebook? Are mobile campaigns more effective than online advertising? Which day is the best day to send an eNewsletter out to clients?

    Answers to all of these questions – and more – reside in “A Year in Numbers” Top 10 Marketing Charts and Research Articles of 2010, a very interesting compilation of articles by Ann Handley, the chief content officer of MarketingProfs.

  6. Foursquare Fever – Have You Caught it?

    The social media world changes quickly. Last year, all the hip kids were flocking to Twitter. This year, social media savvy souls are joining Facebook Places, Foursquare and Gowalla, so called “geoscocial” or location-based services.

    Unfamiliar with how location-based services work? You are not alone.

  7. Following Social Media Etiquette

    As the number of people and companies participating on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have grown, certain rules for effective communication have become clear.

  8. The New Wave of Business Communications

    Have you tried the new Rockmelt web browser yet? If not, you can sign up for Rockmelt here or if you have a Facebook friend who’s already using Rockmelt, ask them to send you an invitation. Rockmelt is leveraging Facebook as the primary channel to distribute their new browser to the world – so rather than follow the conventional marketing path of making a Rockmelt browser download immediately available to any and all users and then hoping it goes viral through social networks, the folks at Rockmelt are making their new browser available by invitation only from your Facebook network.

  9. Apple Pie and Editorial Backlash

    When Monica Gaudio published a recipe five years ago on a domain name that she owned and a piece she copyrighted, she was happy to share it with the few visitors to her blog. Five years later, a friend informed Gaudio that he saw her article published in Cooks Source magazine, a small western New England publication. Gaudio had never heard of the publication and never gave them her permission to publish her piece. She went to the magazine website and sure enough, her recipe was there.

  10. What is Your Facebook Portrait Style?

    Fast Company has a very popular online column that I try to always catch: Infographic of the Day. Today’s infographic is a humorous look at “Facebook Portrait Styles” by author and artist Doogie Horner. Occasionally his sense of humor can drift into that of a 14 year old boy’s, but his Facebook flowchart is well worth a glance (and a laugh).

  11. I Was Here: Facebook Places

    Facebook “sharing” has always been about showing our friends how we want to be perceived. What we share gives others a look at what we like, what we think, and now, where we can be found.

    Facebook Places, announced and released August 18 (at least for US users), is slowly rolling out to users of smartphones. After updating the Facebook app on my iPhone (twice – the first update included Places but without the check-in feature) I tested it out and it works. Nothing too exciting, or ground breaking… yet.

  12. Facebook Hits 500 Million Users

    Facebook has announced that it is has hit their well anticipated 500 million member mark. The normally press-shy Mark Zuckerberg is expected to make a rare television appearance on ABC’s World News to discuss the milestone and will most likely have to answer a few questions about Facebook’s recent privacy issues.