1. Happy Birthday CD!

    Thirty years ago, in October of 1982, Sony released the first consumer CD players in Japan. While they are no longer the main way to listen to music, they still have a role.

  2. All Online Behaviors in One Graphic

    Do you know how many different types of conversations you can have online? Apparently the number is 28.

  3. What Not to Say at Work

    In an office environment, it is inevitable that at some point we might start sounding like our cubicle or office neighbor. I don’t know if I do it to “fit in” or if my brain just soaks it in during the course of the day. Maybe it is a little of both, but I’m guilty of using phrases or words that seem to be spreading like a cold virus, and not just in the workplace. They’re everywhere.

  4. Content is Key: Right Unhappy Hipsters?

    Just how key is content? Consider the Unhappy Hipster’s website.

    The blogger(s) at Unhappy Hipsters “re”captions photos from Dwell magazine, offering visitors a humorous new take on the photos that appeared in the home architecture magazine (that usually takes itself very seriously). Editors usually take great care when selecting and captioning images that will accompany their stories. And, in context in Dwell, the Dwell photos help showcase the best in modern home design.