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  4. 3 Things Great Magazines Do & 10 That We Love

    The staff at Parthenon recently got together over lunch to talk magazines. Here are the key things great magazines do and the 10 magazines we love most.

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  6. 3 Ways to Beat Deadline Dread

    Deadlines often bring difficultly. These 3 easy steps of proper planning can help save your sanity.

  7. Truck Stop Spotlight: Engage Your Customers Where They Are

    As media platforms have multiplied and customers have become more bombarded, engaging them at the right time and in the right place is challenging.

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  9. Don’t Water Down Your Content

    Once a reader looks at a publication and says, “I’ve read all this before,” you’ve lost them for life. Conversely, if he or she feels personally addressed, and is given information that’s actually useful, your connection to them is strong and durable.

  10. 3 tips for crossing the print-digital divide

    A great deal of time goes into your print publications, no matter what form they take. Putting that information online is a great way to demonstrate your company’s savvy.

  11. Of Olympic Coverage and Failure to Satisfy …

    Whether it’s a multibillion-dollar, 16-day global broadcasting spectacle or your company’s social-media or print product, it’s never a good idea to take advice only up to a point.

  12. Let Your Audience Enhance Your Content

    Virtually everyone talks about the need for companies to produce content that engages their audience. Some common tactics are to ask a question, take a strong position on an issue, or just make the content easy to share via social media. However, few actually take the step of making the audience a key part of the content creation itself. Starting a conversation, and then asking the audience to actively participate will result in a higher level of engagement. The audience will be more involved and invested in the content. The content itself will continue to grow and improve