1. Writing Math

    You probably think writing happens without any sort of mathematical calculation. Not at all true!

  2. Audience Awareness Drives Success

    The best newsletters and magazines produced by companies not only tie their employees closer together, they also serve as potent marketing materials to vendors and interested bystanders, not to mention current and prospective customers.

  3. 3 Common Custom Magazine Mistakes

    You can spend a lot of money to produce a beautiful magazine but still fail to excite or entice readers. Here are three tips to make sure you have an attractive and engaging publication.

  4. Road King Magazine Wins 10 Awards

    Road King magazine, published by Parthenon for TravelCenters of America, received a total of 10 awards, including a Best of […]

  5. Magazine Apps Still Evolving

    Now, with the iPad and other tablets, magazines are going app crazy, trying to figure out how to reach readers.

  6. Just Zite It

    Have you ever wished there was a magazine custom-tailored to your world? Well, a new app called Zite promises to create a personal magazine experience on your iPad, and you don’t have to do much at all.

  7. Apple’s Subscription Service – Is it a Good Thing?

    Apple recently announced its plan to tack a 30 percent fee on to publishers who charge subscriptions through its App Store. These fees apply to magazines, books, newspapers, music and videos. Apple is also dictating that these publishers can’t offer their subscriptions elsewhere at a lower price, and the consumers will have the option to withhold to sharing their details — such as name or location — with the publisher.

  8. Extra! Extra! iPad’s First Exclusive Newspaper

    It’s here! The first ever “newspaper” created exclusively for the iPad was recently unveiled by media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Dubbed The Daily (not to be confused with Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show), the iPad app presents daily news in various forms, from written content to video and 360 degree photos to interactive polls, all wrapped up into one visually-appealing app. To make it even more enticing, the first two weeks are free.

  9. All Covered Up

    The pundits who keep saying that print magazines are dead obviously haven’t spent a lot of time at

  10. Get More Mileage Out Of Your Content

    Last night I was thumbing through an issue of Esquire and came across a unique graphic to spell out how they were using multiple platforms to publish related content for the month of February. Each platform compliments the other with added value of exclusives found only on that particular outlet. Hopefully this strategy is already in place for your brand, or you’re at least thinking this way.

  11. What is Your Facebook Portrait Style?

    Fast Company has a very popular online column that I try to always catch: Infographic of the Day. Today’s infographic is a humorous look at “Facebook Portrait Styles” by author and artist Doogie Horner. Occasionally his sense of humor can drift into that of a 14 year old boy’s, but his Facebook flowchart is well worth a glance (and a laugh).

  12. Designed to Spark Interest

    When I saw the latest cover of Esquire magazine, I was immediately impressed.
    “The Impossible” issue has done the impossible.