1. Socially Savvy: Parthenon’s Winning Tips

    If you know someone who works for Parthenon, you have undoubtedly heard the good news: we were crowned the small business champions in the Nashville Business Journal’s Social Madness competition. Here is how we did it…

  2. $50 in Melrose Money to Lucky Follower

    Nothing says Friday the 13th like desperation. Usually it’s a chick in a horror movie screaming for help. Today it’s […]

  3. 5 to Follow: A Summary of Nashville’s Best

    As marketers by trade and Nashville enthusiasts by choice, Parthenon wants to celebrate organizations employing creative marketing, advertising and social media efforts in our hometown!

  4. 5 to Follow: Nashville Venues

    Music is Nashville’s number one offering. In our latest 5 to follow, we’re laying out some of the best places to sit and drink your sorrows away and the best people to look to for social media.

  5. 5 to Follow: Nashville Bands

    Nashville has been made famous by its country stars and honky-tonk pickers, the five bands highlighted here represent multiple genres that all have the ability to rock-out their social media networks.

  6. 5 to Follow: Nashville Nonprofits

    Nashville is blessed with hundreds of non-profit organizations doing great work in our community. Here are five we think are worth your attention (and support).

  7. 5 to Follow: Local Shopping

    By infiltrating social media with all of the great items you can buy, these savvy Nashville retailers are making a big impact on local culture and their sales.

  8. 5 to Follow: Nashville Bars – Part 2

    The original 5 to Follow post for Nashville Bars got a great response, and since there are so many socially active watering holes in Music City, we’re bringing you round 2.

  9. 5 To Follow: Farmers Markets

    Sure, you can pick up tomatoes or peaches or corn at the grocery store. But summertime is prime time for […]

  10. 5 to Follow: Healthcare in Nashville

    According to Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, the healthcare industry is Nashville’s largest employer – and the fastest growing. The industry employes over 210,000 people among an estimated 250 companies throughout Nashville! Among this fine group of companies, there are quite a few social media powerhouses. We picked 5 that we think you should check out:

  11. 5 to Follow: Tourist Attractions

    Nashville is Music City USA. Visitors come here to hang out in the honky-tonks, listen to the buskers on Lower […]

  12. 5 to Follow: Nashville Coffee Shops

    Whether it’s a daily stop on the way to work or the first place you go the morning after a […]