1. Soles4Souls Founder Wayne Elsey Touts Twitter

    Wayne Elsey, founder and CEO of Soles4Souls, a Nashville-based nonprofit organization that donates shoes to those in need around the world, spoke yesterday to NAMA, the Nashville chapter of the American Marketing Association, about Soles4Souls, its marketing strategy and its keys to success.

  2. Parthenon Develops Website for Flood Recovery

    When I found out that Parthenon had decided to offer its employees one paid vacation day to help with flood recovery here in Nashville, my first thought was how generous that was. My second thought was to ask myself what was the most effective way I could help my neighbors given one full day to help.

  3. 2010 Flood: We’re In This Together

    I didn’t even know it was supposed to rain that weekend – those two days at the start of May where Nashville and surrounding areas were hit with a foot of rain and flash flooding. Those of us who lived through this historic event will remember where we were: I woke up early that Saturday morning, heard the storms and promptly called off my plans for the day. A friend and I were supposed to join a service project with our church to help restore a local school. Ironically, a few days later, practically all of Nashville would be out in force to restore thousands of homes and buildings wrecked in that torrential weather.

    Thankfully, none of us at Parthenon endured major loss of life or property, though we witnessed firsthand how the devastation affected our neighbors and friends. Our colleagues were so moved to be more involved that Parthenon offered a paid day off for each staffer who wanted to volunteer.

  4. Parthenon Supports Team William

    Parthenon Publishing was proud to be a sponsor of the Team William 5K Race at the Warner Parks today. The event supports efforts to increase reading scholarship opportunities for children with Down syndrome at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Reading Clinic and to promote awareness within the community.

  5. TEDx Nashville – Are You Attending?

    TEDx Nashville is this weekend and we encourage you to attend if you are in town.

    What is TEDx?
    TED is a nonprofit that began in 1984 by hosting an annual conference focused on technology, entertainment and design, and since then has hosted speakers on topics as disparate as evolution and video games. TEDx Nashville’s conference will present videos and live speakers on health care topics such as art in health care, using mobile phones to dispense health advice and diabetes research.

    And we are very proud sponsors of the local event.

  6. Video of the Week: Weird, or Just Different?

    This past week, Parthenon watched a brief video from Derek Sivers speaking at a TED event in India. (Learn more about Parthenon’s support of TED.)

  7. Parthenon Supports TEDxNashville

    As soon as I heard TED was coming to Nashville (in the form of TEDxNashville), I knew I had to get involved. TED had been my own personal Facebook-style addiction for almost two years now, i.e., while my wife learned which of our friends posted the latest round of baby photos on the popular social networking site, I was parked on the couch with my laptop watching video after video on I even created a DIY Smartboard in my wife’s first grade classroom after watching Johnny Lee’s Wiimote wizardry.

  8. Soup Sampling for a Great Cause

    What are you doing on Feb. 28? Why don’t you join us for a few dozen samples of soup from the city’s best restaurants?

    Every year, Our Kids hosts a fun – and delicious – event called Soup Sunday. Over 50 different restaurants participate and whip up yummy concoctions that are sure to dazzle your taste buds! Parthenon Publishing is proud to support Our Kids, a local organization that provides medical evaluations and counseling for children and families struggling with the issue of child sexual abuse.

  9. Casual Games: Underutilized Online Marketing Tool?

    I just finished writing the December edition of Pulse for Digital Nashville’s monthly newsletter. Each month, Digital Nashville takes a closer look at a trending topic on Nashville’s digital scene and this month I explored the topic of gaming and game development. One of the more exciting issues within that topic is how online marketers are increasingly offering casual games as part of their client’s marketing mix.

  10. Coworking Coming to Nashville

    Our very own Matt Bigelow writes the Nashville Pulse section of Digital Nashville’s eNewsletter. This month he wrote a piece about Coworking, or a type of work environment that “targets independent creative types who desire the sense of community and collaboration that comes from a shared work environment, without the bureaucracy of a corporate job.”

  11. Business Matters: Nashville Startup Weekend

    This past weekend marked my second year attending the caffeine-charged weekend-long blitz that brings together Nashville entrepreneurial types from technology, marketing, business development, law, etc., who pair off into teams and try to launch a business over the weekend.