online branding

  1. 6 Most Important Blog Metrics

    If your company has been blogging for a while without seeing an increase in website traffic, it may be time to rethink your strategy. Blog metrics can help you understand how your audience is finding you and the type of content that you should feature.

  2. How are you managing your online reputation?

    Everyone has an online reputation, but do you know how to manage yours online? In this day and age who […]

  3. Getting Savvy on #GivingTuesday

    On Cyber Monday, deals become deals with all the rest, and the only competition method is a lowered price tag. But now we have #GivingTuesday with the fairest price tag of them all: the one that gives back.

  4. Sell Your Event Early, Keep It Alive Late

    Online and print strategies allow companies to maximize their events, but how do you do it the right way?

  5. Of Olympic Coverage and Failure to Satisfy …

    Whether it’s a multibillion-dollar, 16-day global broadcasting spectacle or your company’s social-media or print product, it’s never a good idea to take advice only up to a point.

  6. Picture This: Connecting Photogs With Bootleggers

    Oh, for the days when attaching artwork to a blog simply meant pinging around the Internet, running searches and eventually snagging a suitable image and dropping it into place.

    You can still do that, but now you’re much more likely to get into trouble if that artwork is copyrighted and you haven’t asked for permission — or paid the photographer/artist.

  7. It’s How You Say It

    Are you typing in the written equivalent of, “thank you for calling” when you respond to a complaint or compliment?

  8. If Content Is King, Are You The Power Behind The Throne?

    There are plenty of sites (both business/consumer and pure blog) that have plenty to say, and say it effectively. And they don’t just rely on short sentences, SEO-laden jargon and bullet points, either.

  9. Social Media: I Don’t Like Your Tone!

    In the mad rush to get something, anything, out onto a social media platform (or two, or three), the content can take a backseat to the process.

  10. Engaging Customers to Share your Content

    Sanjay Dholakia is CEO of Crowd Factory, the leading provider of crowd-powered marketing applications. He writes for Mashable that it’s not enough to enable your content to be shared; you have to creatively encourage it from your fans.

    Why should I share your product’s campaign? Here are five good ways your brand can answer that question.

  11. Creative Recruitment at Emerson College

    Emerson College has given new meaning to the term “college recruitment video.” According to an email sent to the website Bost Innovation, the video below is the work of a college group call the EVVY Awards. The EVVY Awards is an organization that produces “the largest multi-camera, live-switch student run award show in the country. The annual show celebrates the work completed by students across all majors at Emerson College.” The video is around 6 minutes long and features a mash-up of Lady Gaga songs. And, it gives you a nice slice of students at Emerson.

  12. Link Wars

    I think about the links in articles on the Web, especially when I’m blogging. I purposefully put links in my writing and put them in for a reason. When I’m reading content, I click on a headline to read an article, then I am sent to another source of information, and maybe even another story. I may never make it back to the original content that I intended to read.