1. An Explosion Called Instagram

    Instagram’s exponential reach is really not about photography at all. It’s about the social community that has grown up around it.

  2. Cinemagram: The Next Big Thing?

    With Facebook’s acquisition of the photo-sharing program, Instagram, the popularity of creative apps continues to grow – especially when it comes to video. Social video apps allow users to upload and share videos with followers. Unlike these crowd pleasers, Cinemagram is somewhere in the middle of photo and video – and people are paying attention.

  3. Photographic Impressions

    Most of the work I do as creative director involves an editorial product. That means finding a way to enhance words with photos and graphics. When veteran photographer Mark Tucker came to Parthenon, he laid out a project that was especially intriguing to an art director. His photographs had to be the focal point. Words were secondary.

  4. Market Research: As Easy as Point, Click, and Shoot, Thanks to frog

    Who comes up with those award-winning, original product designs that change our lives and are worth billions of dollars? You! […]

  5. Test Driving iPhone Photo Apps

    Photography gets serious with the iPhone 4. The new iPhone4 features a 5 megapixal with 5x digital zoom with fully-functioning HDR capabilities. It also has a built-in LED flash that does a decent job in low-light situations. To see how the camera performs, I decided to test out 4 photography apps that produce a variety of effects on the iPhone.

  6. In the Meme Time

    The word “meme” was coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins to explain the transmission of ideas and cultural phenomena. A meme evolves by natural selection. Through that process, it mutates as it spreads in a way that is similar to biological evolution. The examination of memonics can provide a structure for looking at the way people use the Internet.