1. 3 tips for crossing the print-digital divide

    A great deal of time goes into your print publications, no matter what form they take. Putting that information online is a great way to demonstrate your company’s savvy.

  2. Photographic Impressions

    Most of the work I do as creative director involves an editorial product. That means finding a way to enhance words with photos and graphics. When veteran photographer Mark Tucker came to Parthenon, he laid out a project that was especially intriguing to an art director. His photographs had to be the focal point. Words were secondary.

  3. Writing Math

    You probably think writing happens without any sort of mathematical calculation. Not at all true!

  4. 3 Common Custom Magazine Mistakes

    You can spend a lot of money to produce a beautiful magazine but still fail to excite or entice readers. Here are three tips to make sure you have an attractive and engaging publication.

  5. Designed to Spark Interest

    When I saw the latest cover of Esquire magazine, I was immediately impressed.
    “The Impossible” issue has done the impossible.

  6. Getting Some Answers

    Being a writer for many publications means a lot of interviews either by phone, email or in person. I never know what kind of interview subject I will get or how receptive they will be to what I would like to know.

    Finding “the scoop” can prove difficult for some interviewers, because it all lies in the hands (or mind) of the interviewee. I’ve come to find some quick tips in coaxing the story out of subjects.story out of subjects.

  7. The Higher Cost of Lower Impact

    Considering Recycled Paper

    We are all living and doing business in a world of heightened environmental awareness. In recent months, Parthenon has had multiple clients ask about more environmentally friendly options for their print publications. Many are surprised to learn that there are a variety of factors to consider when exploring greener options for producing their publications.