Project Management

  1. 7 Ways To Make Sure Your Team Is Making Progress

    Hard work alone will not guarantee a successful outcome. Here are 7 tactics we use to chart our progress and ensure we’re on the right track.

  2. How to Build a Solid Product Plan

    It seems simple enough: If you’re listening to your customer, you should have a good idea of what they need. […]

  3. Communication Is Key!

    Understanding and managing multiple facets of any project is vital to it flourishing. You have employees, budgets, timelines, vendors, scopes, […]

  4. It puts the tasks in 5PM or else it gets the hose again

    Rewards are an effective way to motivate people, but as we’ve learned recently at Parthenon, there may be one motivator that works even better: punishment.

  5. Project Triangle: Fast, Good or Cheap

    The dreaded Project Triangle; something that I’ve been aware of, but recently found out that some folks have never heard of it. The project triangle is a graphical representation of the constraints that surround a project. These are cost, time and features/scope. It’s a useful way to discuss how “having it all” sometimes isn’t as realistic as we all might want it to be. I’ve heard the “I want it yesterday, with tons of bells and whistles, and oh yeah, I have a very tight budget.” Don’t we all?